Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Just a few characters we've encountered on the local beach ..well two actually if you don't count the horses .. there will be more but today uploading is taking FOREVER and the beach and sun await us. We're off to a new a bay recommended by Ed and Ali where we haven't been yet.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

It's now Sunday and we will be off shortly to find a church. Friday's rain gave way to hot sunshine on Saturday followed by torrential rain last night. This morning looks promising and it's already very warm. Lovely!! Penny and I walked for about an hour to the Puerto end of the beach where we sat at a bar and attracted many vendors of numerous goods ranging fom strings of beads to carved coconut shells none of them had any success! We then spent a couple of hours swimming by the pool here swimming and just being lazy. Ali and Ed had escaped to their Spanish lessons, but returned to find us playing cards on our terrace. Last night the four of us sat at a beachside bar and had 2 for one margaritas! The coconut shell vendor had some success when he found us for the second time! ..amazing how margaritas soften the resistance!then we had a scrumptious meal at an Italian restuarant...why not? We're off now to slap on some factor 30 before going out to (literally) join the mad dogs in the sunshine.

Friday, 25 September 2009

after about a 6000 mile trip HERE WE ARE ! Air France did a fairly good job of getting us here with help of City Jet and Mexicana click. The journey was pretty faultless. Ali and Ed met us at Huatulco airport in very hot sunshine, from where we journeyed by airconditioned bus the two hours or so it takes to get to Puerto Escondido. We had lunch on arrival at our hotel which none of us could finish the quantity was so great. Having finished lunch at about 3pm we sat for half an hour or so admiring the view from our upper rooftop terrace. The the fun started .. we decided to walk along the beach to casa AliEd which was indeed enjoyable even though we could feel a few spots of rain on the way. We arrived just in time to be reminded that we are in the Tropics!! The tropics doesn't do "spots of rain" Anyway to cut a long story short we caught abus back (really glad Ali and Ed were with us ...we would have had no clue of the local transport "structure" HA! back in the hotel appartment now and Ali and Ed are cooking Spag bol for us all which we will no doubt enjoy with copious amounts of red wine and exciting lightning effects and thunder and rain as accompaniment. Glad we had some sunshine in Droitwich ;-)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Flights to Mexico

After a few hicoughs with our flight schedule (Paris CD decided it would be a good idea to bring our flight to Mexico City FORWARD to the extent that we would have arrived an hour and a quarter AFTER it had left! ) However, after a couple of weeks sending emails we have a rescheduled flight from Birmingham 9:20 instead of 11:55.